27 Tuckered Out Animals Who Are Legit WAY Too Tired To Function

November 25, 2016  

As a huge fan of sleep, I’ve carefully studied the various degrees of being tired we all experience over the years. On one side there’s the normal, end-of-the day fatigue, and on the other, there are those times when you realize you accidentally binge-watched an entire season of a show until 4:00 a.m.

Even though these sweet animal friends probably don’t have a Netflix password, they’re all definitely closer to that end of the spectrum. They just can’t keep their eyes open for one more second.

1. “What?! What happened??”

2. “Just give me like five minutes…I mean hours.”

3. “Nature is exhausting.”

4. Yeah, that looks comfy.

5. “What? What’s happening? Nothing? Good.”

6. “Ah, my spot.”

7. You can practically hear his puppy snores through the computer.

8. “Please, no more spreadsheets.”

9. “Really, what did you expect?”

10. Leg bridge out of service due to sleeps.

11. “Is this the longest block in the entire world?”

12. “Let’s plaaay!” “No.”

13. “Trick or tre…zzz.”

14. “This is the best tree I’ve ever seen.”

15. “Ugh, beds are so hard…eh, I’ll figure it out later.”

16. He’s, uh, just testing it out.

17. “Do. Not. Disturb.”

18. “You’re starting ANOTHER episode?”

19. “No photos before my coffee, please.”

20. Dreaming of tuna as far as the eye can see.

21. Wait, who shared this photo of me waking up every morning?

22. They take turns being each other’s pillow.

23. Naps are always better with a buddy.

24. “Stairs? Whyyyy?”

25. Being a brat can be so draining.

26. The sleepiest lil’ roly-poly…


Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my nap, too.

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