Poodles Vs. Ferrets: Celebrities Weigh In

January 7, 2017  

1. Sometimes mistakes are made.

We all remember this amazing story about a man who bought toy poodles that ended up being ferrets on steroids. But is a ferret really a downgrade from a poodle? We asked celebrities to weigh in as they walked the red carpet at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

2. Would you ditch the mutant ferret, or would you accept it as a fun (if not freaky) new pet?

3. Brett Davern (Awkward.)

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

“Poor little animals. It’s not their fault! I’m an animal lover. If I couldn’t find a perfect, proper home, then I would keep it. Because even giant muscley ferrets deserve a good home.”

Verdict: Keep the ferret, or find it a good home

4. Hasan Minhaj (Failosophy)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

“I would be disappointed. And here’s the thing, it’s all because I’ve been socialized. Ferret has such a negative stigma, because you’re like, first of all, these things are illegal. Secondly, they kind of look like enlarged rats, so you’re like, eh, you’ve gotta go back. Sorry.”

Verdict: Ditch the ferret

5. Andrew Jenks (World of Jenks)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

“Keep it. That’s like adopting — you’re just giving away something you fostered and owned. That’s disrespectful. What kind of people would say that they would let it go? Where would you let it go?”

Verdict: Keep the ferret, you monster

6. Utkarsh Ambudkar (Pitch Perfect, The Mindy Project)

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

“I love ferrets. I’ve loved them since a young age. They smell good. I like the musk.”

Verdict: Keep the ferret, and smell it often

7. Nolan Funk (Glee, Awkward.)

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

“I would keep that ferret and love it like it was a poodle.”

Verdict: Keep the ferret, and live a lie

8. RuPaul (RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

“I think in Mesquite, Texas where Alyssa [Edwards] is from, y’all would just deep fry that motherfucker, wouldn’t you?”

Verdict: Eat the ferret

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