29 Things White People Ruined

January 15, 2017  

1. The Shmoney dance

See also: this.

2. And the shmoney song

4. “And I Am Telling You”

See also: this.

5. The “She Just Faved One Of My Tweets” song

6. The “Ratchet Girl Anthem”

7. The “hit it for me one time”

9. Doing it for the Vine

10. Gratata

They even ruin things that they create.

11. Biggie Smalls

12. Nelly

13. Kendrick Lamar

14. “You Guessed It”

15. Rap, et. al

16. Music, in general

17. The nae nae

20. The word “bling”

A24 Films / Nala Films / theblingring.com

21. Essentially any and all slang

24. Kwanzaa

26. Dreadlocks

when I google dreadlocks and a lot of this pops up. white. people. ruin. everything.

27. Cultural integrity

See also: this.

28. Entire populations of people

See also: this.

29. Basically everything.

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