Community Post: 28 Geeky Items Every Batman Fan Needs

February 7, 2017  

2. This mini bat signal.

DC Comics / Via

The Dark Knight is never too far away with this.

4. This toy car.

DC Comics / Via

Your kids will be the envy of the neighborhood.

10. While you’re at it, you might as well get this inflatable chair.

DC Comics / Via

Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock at Hot Topic. Sad day.

11. But don’t worry, there’s this beanbag chair.

DC Comics / Via

12. This flash drive.

DC Comics / Via

13. This recliner.

DC Comics / Via

14. This wall decal.

DC Comics / thewalldecalshopuk / Via

15. This collector’s Barbie doll.

DC Comics / jsmusicgirl / Via

16. This 1989 game.

DC Comics / thesixties / Via

17. This handbook.

DC Comics / Beatty, Scott & David Hahn & Chuck Dixon / Via

20. This car decal.

DC Comics / Via

So sad, it’s funny.

21. These pillowcases.

DC Comics / aGoGoPillowcases / Via

Have a friend getting married soon? BOOM. Great gift idea (unless, they don’t like Batman, but then they shouldn’t be your friend in the first place).

26. This lava lamp.

DC Comics / Via


27. This Tumbler golf cart.

DC Comics / Via

Yeah, let me just check my piggy bank first.

28. And finally, this.

DC Comics / Via

Look how happy that man is with his Batman snuggie. I WANNA BE THAT HAPPY, TOO.

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