Community Post: 10 Things That Can Go Wrong On Your Vacations

February 16, 2017  

1. Don’t stick your head out the train window

Girl nearly beheaded by oncoming train

2. Stay away from departing aircraft

Girl blown over by jet blast at Maho Beach

3. Never trust a penguin

Cute but vicious – penguin attacks man

4. Don’t turn your back on a monkey

Monkey attacks guy at the zoo

5. Careful – Elephant crossing ahead!

Elephant charges car in Kruger Park

6. Don’t climb in the aquarium in hotel reception

Man swimming in fishtank

7. Never try getting dressed after having too many beers

Funny drunk man struggling to get dressed on the beach

8. Be aware of your surroundings at all times

Security officer gives a tourist a swim in the fountain

9. Don’t tease the Queens guards

Queens guard attacks tourist in London

10. Never smile at a crocodile!

Tourist guide almost ends up as crocodile lunch

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