Jack Black Meets A Homeless Boy. When He Hears His One Wish, He Breaks Down

Jack Black recently traveled to Uganda to meet with underprivileged kids as part of the Red Nose Day campaign. Red Nose Dayaims to raise awareness and money for strugglingchildren and young adults. In the clip below, Jack meets with Felix, a 12-year-old homeless boy.

In the beginning, Jack promises his viewers that hell try his best to hold back tears and not cry, but this proves to be impossible. While visiting an underprivileged community, Jack speaks about the good he sees in the locals, even though the town is damaged by desperation and danger.Its no place for a kid to grow up, he says, fighting back tears.

When he talks to Felix, he is immediately overcome with emotion as he listens to the homeless boy. Felix simply has one wish he wants an education.

He wants an education, and I think thats not a lot to ask, the actor says.

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Ed Sheeran Cries on Camera for the First Time in His Career Over This Little Girls Story

Red Nose Day is a Comic Relief movement with the mission of raising money and awareness to help end child poverty. Since first launching in 1988, the organization has partnered with major outreach programs and top celebrities around the world to raise more than $1 billion globally.

This year Ed Sheeran joined the fight to end childhood poverty in Liberia.

The Shape of You singer traveled abroad to meet children in West Pointthe largest and most dangerous slum in Liberias capital city of Monrovia.

There, he met a girl named Peaches. Her story completely rocked the fiery red-heads world.

We do a song, Ed says to Peaches. You sing one, then I sing one, yeah?

Cameras roll as the young street child breaks into singing without any hesitation. Her confidence radiated through her. But before long, Peaches began to cry.

She tells Ed that her father was one of the thousands of people who died as a result of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. He used to sing that song to her.

In talking with Peaches later on, Ed learns that since her father died, shes had to drop out of school because her mother cant afford it.

Shes not alone. Ed compared the slum to hell, saying that thousands of families are living in squalor and there’s a stench of sewage everywhere. Because of their desperate living conditions, too many children, like Peaches, are forced to earn whatever money theyre able to rather than getting an education.

Hearing Peaches story left Ed in tears. “In my whole career I have never cried on camera but I’m completely overwhelmed,” he explains. “I can’t imagine what this little girl has witnessed and I break down. I feel ridiculous and guilty about crying but I just can’t stop myself.”

The devastation is unimaginable, and it admittedly wrecked the pop-star.

Peaches was the smiliest in the village, and eager to chat with the crew that was visiting.

If shes the smiliest one, and shes got that story, then God knows what the other stories are.

Despite the conditions shes forced to live in, the tragedy shes overcome and the odds that are stacked against her, Peaches has BIG dreams for the future.

When I grow up, I really want to become a musician, she tells Ed. I want to sing for people in churches.

The British singer says hes been involved with Red Nose Day in the U.K. his whole life, but it took visiting a Liberian slum for him to realize the impact the movement truly has on a childs life.

Ed also took time on his trip to include all of his new friends he met in a music video for his songWhat Do I Know.

Its just one more way the pop-star is using his celebrity to spread awareness, and shine a light on those who desperately need to be seen.

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Ed Sheerans Response to Finding This Raped Boy in the Streets Has the Internet in Tears

“As you’re tucking your children into bed tonight, children like JD are huddling together, sleeping outside in danger and very, very vulnerable.”

Lets just get something straightEd Sheeran is seriously the best. Hes a lyrical genius with fiery red hair, a British accent thatll leave you weak at the knees, and his friendship with Taylor Swift is legit #SquadGoals.

As if his down-to-earth personality and love songs about Beth werent already making us sob like an episode of This Is Us, the pop sensation cranked up the waterworks this weekend when a video of him SAVING little boys in Liberia made its way across the Internet.

To help with Comic Reliefs annual Red Nose Day fundraiser, Ed paid a visit to the African country to film an appeal in a Liberian slum.

It was there where he met a little boy named JD and his five friends. Ed had watched JD being beaten by an older man, and he listened to the boys emotional stories of the abuse and rape in the village.

Ed learned that JD had dreams of becoming president one day, but the boy owned one set of clothes, and slept in a boat on the beach.

It was in this same boat where the rape and beatings from the older boys took place.

Edalso discovered that JD and his friends survive on just one cup of water and a piece of bread every day.

Their lives and stories struck a chord with the singer, and Ed made the decision to do everything he could to protect the boys and get them to safety.

Really does not feel right leaving at all, the singer said to producers. I mean, the only thing you can do is help them, which we should.

He said his natural instinct was to put them all in the car and get them moved to a safe place in a safe school.

You can literally see Eds heart tearing at the seams as he prompts producers for what he can do to help these boys, because leaving them was no longer an option. He offered his own money saying, It doesnt matter how much it costs, can we just get him and his five mates in a house with an older person to look after them?

Comic Relief has confirmed that JD and the five boys are now safe as a result of Eds generosity. But just like Ed emphasized in the video, We are going to sort them out but these kids are just five in a million.

The singer urged others to join in the cause with an earnest plea for the public to help children like JD.

This is the really harsh reality for street children here and across the world. As youre tucking your children into bed tonight, children like JD are huddling together, sleeping outside in danger and very, very vulnerable. They really need your help tonight. Please give what you can.

See more from Eds encounter with JD and his eye-opening journey to the slums of Liberia in the video below.