10 People Immortalized In Products

This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list. It’s no more than a quick, random trawl through one personal memory tank. A comparative Wikipedia-based list has almost 100 entries from A to Z, but it was easy enough to think up a dozen important examples left out from that.

Qualifications: there is no obligation for the listed persons to have invented or created the object or process concerned. This is in any case frequently unrecorded, or impossible to verify. So far as is known, none of those listed have had their names immortalized as a result of deliberate theft of another’s work. The objects or processes included must be tangible or tangible processes involved in the creation of objects. A clerihew or spoonerism are abstract word manipulations and so don’t count. The same applies to Morse code and the Farenheit scale. A Caesarian operation might be said to have a product, a baby, but those born in that way do not then have ‘Caesarean’ attached to their names. Finally, and most difficult to assess, the name must have a general application, and not be restricted by sale or lease to one individual or company by patent or other restrictive practice. This would appear to disqualify Doc Martens boots, the mighty Wurlitzer, Gatling, Thompson and Browning guns and the Colt revolver, for example.

A few non-starters were dismissed during research. Sadly, it was found that no such persons as Herr Howitzer or Mistress Furbelow exist! However, the compiler was delighted to find he had a very familiar object named for him: the Spanner.

800Px-Ladislao Biro Argentina Circa 1978

Biro or ballpoint pen

180Px-Bolígrafo Birome Ii Edit

Quick-drying newspaper ink gave Hungarian-born Bíró his primary inspiration for the uniquitous pen that bears his name. He was working in journalism at the time. On discovering the ink would not function in an ordinary fountain pen, he co-opted his brother Georg, a chemist, and between them they developed the now-famous ball-and- socket tip. The invention was patented in 1938. During the Second World War they took up residence in Argentina and filed a second patent in 1943. The design was used effectively in high-altitude combat aircraft at the time, and took off commercially in the years immediately after peace was declared. Ballpoint pens have evolved to become reliable, clean, disposable and amazingly cheap. However, when my grandfather bought me one as a birthday present in 1949, it was made like an expensive fountain pen, boxed like one, priced like one, had a retractable tip and replacement ink cartridges. It also rapidly revealed the grave initial drawback of the design, smothering this particular schoolboy’s fingers, clothes and classwork with proliferating smudges of semi-indelible blue ink!


Bunsen burner


All who have willingly or under duress studied chemistry during their school years will be instantly aware of the piece of fundamental lab apparatus known as a Bunsen burner. For the benefit of those who escaped ‘stinks’, it consists of a round metal base with a vertical open-topped hollow tube connected by a rubber hose to a gas supply. The metal tube has an adjustable air inlet and the gas flow is also adjustable. When the gas is turned on and lit at the top of the tube, it provides a variable flame which can be brought to considerable heat as required for chemical experiments. Well, here’s the guy to blame for it, although you might prefer to hold the Englishman Michael Faraday responsible. He produced the prototype on which the German, Bunsen, based his design. Bunsen is also acclaimed for various other achievements in chemistry.


Diesel engine

Nobody is going to deny the mainstream importance of this particular French-born inventor and mechanical engineer of German origin and subsequent German residence; or deny they have ever heard of him. After a glittering career in the refrigeration industry was blighted by patent problems, Diesel turned his attention to the production of a more efficient motor than the steam engine and existing combustion engine. His excellent academic trajectory had left him with a keen knowledge of thermodynamics, from which, in 1892, emerged his first compression-ignition engine. With some trepidation as an Englishman, I have to report here that a tyke (Yorkshireman), Herbert Akroyd Stuart, is in fact considered to have invented the compression-ignition engine before Diesel. Apparently he even filed his patent two years earlier. So, all together now everybody, “the Stuart engine”. But, to the victor the spoils, as English football knows, having won the soccer World Cup from the Germans in 1966 by a goal that was not a goal. Diesel disappeared at sea while on his way by steamship to a company meeting in London. Considering the triumph of his system over steam, he might perhaps be said finally to have poured his oil on troubled waters (or was it Stuart’s revenge?). As a curiously modern tailpiece for those becoming more concerned with biofuels in this day and age, Diesel’s original motors ran on … peanut oil! Nothing new under the sun.


Ferris wheel or observation wheel

The name Ferris wheel is given to a large, slowly rotating upright wheel of open metal
structure with passenger seats or observation gondolas suspended at regular intervals around it. Modest sized examples are found at local travelling or fixed fairgrounds, larger ones have been created as showpieces for national or international exhibitions. The largest, such as the London Eye, form permanent fixtures on the urban landscape, and carry large numbers of visitors to considerable heights, from where sweeping vistas can be appreciated. As with so many widespread inventions, earlier precursors existed at a local level, the first recorded examples being constructed of wood and perhaps carrying eight or so passengers. These existed in the Ottoman Empire, at least from the 17th century onwards. Ferris, an American railway and bridge engineer, invented and gave his name to his metal wheel (and to all others subsequently) for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. The original was 80 m high and had a capacity of 2160 passengers in 36 cars. It was powered by two steam engines and ran until 1906.

1893FerrGiven his full name, what a wonder it didn’t get called the Washington wheel! As it was, Ferris claimed that the Exhibition organisers had cheated him and the investors out of most of the profits. Like other inventors, he was driven to waste time, money and energy in the courts attepting to claim what was rightfully his by contract. As a rule successful inventors tend to live to a ripe old age. Ferris was one of the unfortunate exceptions. Typhoid fever claimed him early, at 37, a mere three years after his fame was sealed. As a boy I used to holiday every summer with my parents at Folkestone, Kent, and was always drawn to the attraction of a summer fairground there. It had a tower some 30-35 m high, from which a daring stuntman would dive into a ridiculously small container of water, after the manner of Duncan the horse in the Simpsons. I often took trips on its Ferris wheel. Our family has also experienced the spectacular views across London from the Millenium Wheel, or Eye, including as far as the pitch of the professional soccer team we support. What a shame the eponymous Ferris Bueller didn’t joy-ride on one during his cinematic Day Off.

555Px-Joseph Ignace Guillotin


Guillot1Oh, dear. Poor Dr. G. What a terrible object to be immortalised in. Although given her sex, and above all the sobriquet of ‘Madame Guillotine’, perhaps the bloody beheader might better be regarded as the good doctor’s wife! Guillotin, a French medic and politician, did not actually invent the gadget. Unlikely as it might seem too, the impulse that induced it was humanitarian. Up until then a principle object of capital punishment had often been to inflict the maximum pain by breaking the sentenced person’s body as slowly and agonisingly as possible before merciful release by the ending of life. At least once, this so incensed onlookers that they overcame the executioner and released the prisoner. With need for reform in the air, Guillotin proposed a system that would behead instantly and painlessly. Ironically, he was in fact opposed to capital punishment and hoped this would lead eventually to abolition. Happily, he passed away naturally, and did not fall victim to his eponymous death machine. We actually have a tame guillotine in our house. Provided we are careful to keep fingers out of harm’s way, it does nothing more sinister than trim paper to our needs.


Hoover or vacuum cleaner

HooverOne of the bigger surprises while researching for this list was how little information is readily available for the person whose name is most associated with the vacuum cleaner.
In fact no personal details at all. The main reason is clear. He was little more than an early corporate figure who began manufacturing someone else’s particular design in 1908 once the invention was already well-established. It would make about as much sense to call a computer a Gates. Another quaint twist. Hoover was American. Yet it is the British who turned ‘the hoover’ into an eponymous generic word. It’s rather as if Brits said ‘hovercraft’ while Americans referred to the same machine as a ‘cockerell’ (after it’s English inventor). From an outside perspective, one supposes ‘the Hoover’ for Americans might refer to the 31st pres. or a rather shady figure caught up in events such as the aftermath of JFK’s assassination. For the records, the vacuum cleaner was invented (as a manual machine) in 1868. The actual Hoover prototype with its unique rotating brush was the design of one James Murray Spangler. In fact a classic case of Stigler’s Law of Eponymy, of which numerous examples abound: “No discovery is named after its original discoverer.”

John Loudon Macadam

Macadam road surface, tar Macadam or tarmac
Our present high-speed motorways and interstates can trace their origin back to the aristocratic second son of the Scottish Baron of Waterhead, sometime resident in the United States. His was one of the first serious advances in major national highway engineering since the excellent initial advances by the Romans. He became involved in this branch of civil engineering due to being an estate owner and turnpike trustee. McAdam’s three essential innovations were to create a solid, compacted, well-drained foundation of rock and gravel; to raise the road surface above the surrounding ground-level, and to incorporate a camber for surface drainage. The major later development was the addition of a sealed, tarred surface. As with so many important inventors or innovators, he scarcely benefited personally from his system, which was rapidly and widely adopted throughout western civilisation. One might even perhaps aptly consider that he was steamrollered politically.

4Th Earl Of Sandwich

Sandwich, as bread or similar outside with filling between

World Most Expensive SandwichThe placing of a filling between bread had a long and partly accidental history before it was identified and named. Its earliest known example is considered to have been consumed during the Passover feasts of the ancient Hebrews, when unleavened bread similar to Indian chupattis or Mexican tortillas would have been used. The noble Earl himself held various high diplomatic and military posts as was typical for English aristocrats of the time. In public life he was noted for his incompetence and corruption. Sandwich was nevertheless buttered on the clean-cut side too, notably in his laudable and wholehearted support for Captain Cook’s maritime explorations, which landed him the even more solid honour of having the Sandwich Islands named for him. However, when those were renamed the Hawaiian Islands his memory was stuck with the edible double-decker. Various explanations are offered as to how he became associated with this early convenience food. One possibility is that being such a busy man, he preferred to take his meals in that cleaner form at his desk. Another suggestion has it that the dry bread on both sides kept his fingers clean during long gambling sessions of cards without him having to leave the table and wash them at intervals. The bread-based type has in turn led to a few culinary variations such as the sponge sandwich. Philological spin-offs include the sandwich course and being sandwiched between people in a crowd.

Henry Shrapnel 350Px

Shrapnel shell

Shrapnel2Common logic seems to suggest some eponymous names were inspired by their products, not vice versa. One that comes immediately to mind is Crapper. Surely Thomas Crapper’s name must have been derived from second-hand allusion? Perhaps he was a lavatory cleaner or attendant? Not a bit of it. The unfortunate fellow is forever down among the ordure as a result of his own ‘full-flush’ inventive mind! The same would seem to hold true for another Englishman, Henry Shrapnel. So well-known are the shards of shells called shrapnel, that his family surely acquired its name from them. Not at all. Shrapnel, an active-service army officer, was the inventor. His original design, a spherical cannon shell, exploded in mid-air, showering the enemy with lethal metal. It was the birth of a concept which ultimately led to the infamous cluster-bomb. The system became used early-on to counter the deployment of aircraft in wartime. Allied pilots of WW1 call it ‘Archie’. German shell-smoke was black, allied white. We used to hear A.A. shrapnel showering down on our roof during the Nazi blitz raids of the 1940s, and as small boys would collect the fascinatingly-shaped shiny stuff from the streets next morning. Shrapnel himself was one of the luckier inventors. He received a princely annual award of over $125,000 (today’s equivalent) for life from a grateful British Government.

300Px-Luigi Galvani, Oil-Painting

Galvanised (as iron)

Italy enters the list with the scientist Galvani. A famous experiment with frogs’ legs led him to make the first connection between electricity and the movement of animate life. Thanks to a genial technical dispute with the better-known Volta about the essence and origin of organic electricty, he received from Volta the compliment of a direct current of electricity produced by chemical action being called ‘galvanism’. The dispute also led to Volta producing the first battery, and of course Volta also reaped his share of eponymous fame. ‘Galvanism’ became an outmoded term, but was modified to the words ‘galvanisation’ and ‘galvanised’. These have become a permanent part of our vocabulary for metal plated by electrical process. They have also bequeathed us the figurative phrase ‘galvanised into action’!

Contributor: Spanner-In-The-Works

13 Disney Princess Castles You Can Actually Stay In

Make all your dreams come true.

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1. Live Like Ariel in the Carribean

Live Like Ariel in the Carribean

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This seaside palace in Isla Mujeres is fit for the King of the Sea. See more here.

2. Stay in Prince Eric’s Castle in Turkey

Stay in Prince Eric's Castle in Turkey

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This villa on the Lycean coast is strikingly similar to Prince Eric’s castle. Dotted with olive trees and shady terraces, this luxurious rental is the perfect place to test out your sea legs. See more here.

3. Visit the Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs

Visit the Cottage of the Seven Dwarfs

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This enchanting retreat in the Irish countryside looks almost identical to the house of the seven dwarfs. And it even sleeps eight! Perfect for you and seven of your favorite companions. See more here.

4. Sleep in Snow White’s Castle

Sleep in Snow White's Castle

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This actual castle in the French Pyrenees might just be the fairest in the land. It sleeps 19 people and has a pool and tennis courts to keep you busy. Check it out here.

5. Be (Their) Guest at this Catskills Retreat

Be (Their) Guest at this Catskills Retreat

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

It might not be France, but the dining room of this estate in New York looks mighty similar to the grand hall of Beauty and the Beast. See it here.

6. Sleep like Aurora in a Castle Apartment

Sleep like Aurora in a Castle Apartment

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This stunning locale in the Scottish Highlands looks a whole lot like Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Just watch out for spindles. See it here.

7. Live Like Tiana in New Orleans

Live Like Tiana in New Orleans

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This historic residence in the “Big Easy” sleeps 16 of your closest friends. Frogs should probably stay outside, though. See more here.

8. Stay in Cinderella’s Castle

Stay in Cinderella's Castle

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This 76,000 square foot mansion is certainly big enough for you and all your step-sisters, evil or not. Book your stay here.

9. Spend a Night in a Yurt Like Pocahontas

Spend a Night in a Yurt Like Pocahontas

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

At this yurt in the Preseli Mountains of Wales you can visit rivers, go whale watching and even learn to make pottery. See more here.

10. Live like Mulan in this Balinese Villa

Live like Mulan in this Balinese Villa

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

When she wasn’t fighting for her family’s honor, Mulan spent her time at their gorgeous villa. For less than $300 a night, you can stay in this similar one with gardens and ocean-views. See more info here.

11. Get Tangled in this Spanish Tower

Get Tangled in this Spanish Tower

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

If you’re looking to recreate Rapunzel’s secluded experience, try staying here in the Aragon region of Spain. But don’t worry—this one has plenty of doors to escape. Book your stay here.

12. Experience Jasmine’s World in Morrocco

Experience Jasmine's World in Morrocco

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This stunning villa in Marrakech is almost as beautiful as the palace in Agrabah. See more here.

13. Live like Anna and Elsa in Ft. Lauderdale

Live like Anna and Elsa in Ft. Lauderdale

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Walt Disney Pictures / homeaway.com

This mansion could be mistaken for Arendelle, but instead of a mountain village it’s in sunny Florida, so you’ll never be truly frozen! Schedule your trip here.

Top 10 Celeb Gingers

In the spirit of celebrating the color red and all things ridiculous, we thought it only appropriate that Valentine's Day be the day we list our top 10 favorite celebrity gingers. When you look at yourself in the mirror and nit pick all the things that you wish you could improve such as your posture or the thickness of your eyebrows just remember to always thank God and your non-Celtic parents that your head cannot be mistaken for a bonfire. But to all of you betches who are gingers, we're sorry, but it's your other qualities that we like about you, and not your crimson coif. So today when you're not busy stalking the losers who take Valentine's Day more seriously than preserving their American Girl Doll collection, take a second to talk shit about the red headed bitch Abby from Scandal, and a minute to appreciate the good gingers there are in this world. 

10. Kyle Broflovski

Although he’s our favorite Jewish ginger, Kyle probably wouldn’t actually be too fun to hang out with. I mean he’s always talking about what he learned from the day and the importance of morality and blah blah blah. But even still, he’s a lonely Jew on Christmas and Cartman is always plotting to fuck him over so the least we could do was put him on this list

9. Jessica Chastain

Yes this Bin Laden killer does give off a nicegirl vibe, but she’s gorgeous, super skinny and on track to win an Oscar next month. So yeah she can sit with us. Plus, she's like a serious actress who you can respect and shit. No, we're not talking about Bryce Dallas Howard. 

8. Debra Messing

This list wouldn’t be complete without the ginger with whom Joe Biden recently accredited society’s growing acceptance of gays– of course all of our GBFFs would disagree and credit themselves but whatever. Even though Deb’s character is beyond annoying on Smash (if you’re one of the 12 people who watches then you know), but on W&G she was an inspirational fag hag for us all, and to this day I cannot turn off a rerun. And yes Reuben, she is for scu-bah. 

7. Lucille Ball

Sure she revolutionized women in comedy as well as the role of females in the media but more importantly, off screen Lucy was insanely high maintenance and chain smoked like a chimney. It’s such a shame that she died pretty young but I guess it’s true that God takes the good ones early. So basically we’ll be stuck with Anne Hathaway until she’s 150.

6. Julianne Moore

Here’s a redheaded betch who is seriously underrated. So yeah she has (fittingly) played a lesbian more times than I can count and for some reason can’t find a role where she doesn’t have to speak with a bat shit crazy accent or show her really gross nipples, but Julianne is like lowkey badass. For starters, she was in The Big Lebowski, a fucking classic for stoners and non stoners alike. And holy fuck if you haven’t seen Game Change do so immediately because she portrays Sarah Palin infinitely better than Sarah Palin ever did.

5. Conan

He’s not betchy, no, but if there was one gingy in the world who we’d ever consider marrying it’s Conan. He’s basically branded his own ginger empire, using one name no less. The only other people who can do that are Madonna or like Jesus. Oh and he’s also ridiculously rich which is obviously a highly redeemable quality in any redhead. Go fuck yourself, Leno.

4. Drew Barrymore


Drew is a polarizing ginger as some think she’s betchy while others find her to be extremely annoying. However she was in E.T. so her presence on this list is necessary. Also she went to rehab when she was like 9. Talk about a betch in training idol, I mean even Suri Cruise would have cut a line with that girl.

3. Christina Hendricks

So she’s not exactly thinspiration, but like 9 out of 10 bros would agree this secretary would be well worth traveling back to the 60s for. Also on Mad Men, guys get to treat her like a piece of meat which I’m assuming adds to the appeal.

2. Isla Fisher

Because she's typecasted as a hot psycho, Isla Fisher is pretty great in everything she's in. Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Enchanted- oh no wait that was Amy Adams, the cokehead in Bachelorette, etc. She is also married to Borat which…I mean I guess that’s cool. Verrr naice!

1. Lindsay Lohan (but only up until like 2006, obvi)

During her Mean Girls days, before she started looking like a 60 year old meth head, Linzlo was a seriously stunning redhead. She was skinny with huge boobs, had blended in freckles and the kind of flowing red locks that didn’t make you want to vom. Of course destiny (and coke) took their course and Linzlo lost her gorgeous looks along with most of her sanity. In fact, pretty sure these days she’s running around with a blonde weave that would be more suitable for Donatella Versace. Oh well, she’s still a firecrotch in our hearts…and we’re sure Paris Hilton would agree.



MMA Is Coming To MSG, But Will It Ever Be Fully Legal In New York?

Victory Combat SportsVictory Combat Sports

Victory Combat Sports

Madison Square Garden is world renowned as one of the greatest sporting venues in the world. It has hosted a variety of events (and athletes) that have appealed to many audiences.

Many important moments have taken place in the famous arena, and this Friday night, history is set to be made. On November 21, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts will hit the Big Apple for the first time with the Victory VII event at MSG.



This is a great opportunity for New York City sports fans to see some of the best Muay Thai kickboxing world talent, along with some of the top amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighters in New York.

The event is being brought to life by Victory Combat Sports, New York’s Premiere MMA Company. It will be the biggest event ever sanctioned by the World Kickboxing Association in New York City.

There will be fighters of many different skill levels featured on the event card. One of the biggest fighters to be featured Friday Night is former Olympian, Ibrahim Farag.

Victory Combat SportsVictory Combat Sports

Victory Combat Sports

Ibrahim, along with many of the other fighters who are getting ready to compete in front of the Madison Square Garden audience, view this fight as one of the biggest fights of his life.

Ibrahim has been training for this event the same way he trained for the 2012 Olympics. Now, he is ready to show New York and the world that he is an amazing fighter.

The excitement surrounding this event gives evidence to why Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai should become regular fixtures in the New York City area. The culture is already very prominent in NYC. It’s actually one of the deepest Muay Thai scenes in the world. Throughout the five boroughs, there are more than 30 gyms.

One of the fighters this weekend, Chris Kwiatkowski, AKA The Polish Punisher, agrees that New York City would be an ideal breeding ground for constant MMA/Muay Thai sanctioned events. In an exclusive interview he said,

The Muay Thai culture is very developed in NYC. It’s actually one of the deepest Muay Thai scenes in the world.

In the five boroughs alone, there are over 30 gyms, and that’s not even including those in the tri-state area, which would number over 50.

Other than Thailand, there is no other place in the world that boasts so many gyms. With so many gyms in the city, promoters do not have to spend excessively to fly in fighters from around the country or world. This would keep costs down and allow for more promotions to be successful.

Having the first ever MMA event at Madison Square Garden is something to celebrate.



If this event is as successful as many expect it to be, it could result in allowing MMA sanctioned events to happen in other places, where it is barred. There is no greater testing ground than “The World’s Most Famous Arena” in “The City That Never Sleeps.”

Farag shared a similar sentiment when he stated,

I feel special to be a part of this. It is going to change people’s minds right away and it will make people follow it.

This event possesses the opportunity to kickstart the love for MMA that New York City can surely develop and breed on its own. Don’t miss out!

Mormon Bishop Uses Samurai Sword To Save Woman From Being Attacked

1. When Mormon bishop and martial arts instructor Kent Hendrix heard a commotion outside, he grabbed his 29-inch steel Samurai sword ran out of his house.

Rick Bowmer / AP

2. His female neighbor was being attacked by Grant Eggertsen. Hendrix chased Eggertson off, running after him down the street barefoot, sword in hand.

Rick Bowmer / AP

3. The would-be attacker later turned himself into police and was charged with robbery, attempted burglary, trespassing and violation of a stalking injunction.

Rick Bowmer / AP

4. Hendrix is also a fourth-degree black belt and owns a variety of swords and weapons for training.

Rick Bowmer / AP

5. He told reporters that his Salt Lake City neighborhood is usually a pretty quiet place.

Rick Bowmer / AP

World’s Fastest Woman Trains With Computer Simulation


U.S. Olympian Carmelita Jeter and her coach John Smith spend hours a day training. They work towards perfecting the runner’s movements to maximize efficiency and power in each of her strides, averaging five per second.

In each training session Jeter is pitted against a runner who consistently bests the world record, without fail, on every run: herself. In 2009 Carmelita Jeter ran the 100-meter dash in just 10.67 seconds, making her the fastest woman alive and the second fastest woman in recorded history after the late Florence Griffith-Joyner.

She won the women’s 100-meter title at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. Having failed during the semi-finals at the 2008 trials for Beijing, the runners victory was the culmination of a determined four years, a lot of training and a computer simulation.

Using software developed by Ralph Mann, USA Track and Field’s Sprint and Hurdle Biomechanist, Jeter is able to see a visualization of her perfected form. This stick-figure simulation does not bob its head, flop its wrists, or overreach on the second step. It uses every movement to reduce time, drag and vertical momentum. With this direct feedback the Olympic athlete is able to identify problems in her actual technique.

This Washington Post video goes behind the scenes of Jeter’s training.

This article originally published at PSFK

The 40 Greatest Fictional Teammates Of All Time

40. Sidney Dean and Billy Hoyle.

Movie or TV Show: White Man Can’t Jump.
Pros: They’re both incredibly good basketball players and if they put their personal differences and pride aside they’re going to help you win. They’re Venice Beach’s con artist kings. They’re always looking fresh to death.
Cons: THEY ARE CON ARTISTS AND DEGENERATE GAMBLERS. You can’t trust them — ever.

39. Steve Lattimer.

Movie or TV Show: The Program.
Pros: The dude is an absolute monster. He’s literally the largest and scariest man to ever grace a fictional football field.
Cons: He is so large and scary because he is completely ‘roided out. He won’t even be on the field when you need him because of drug suspensions.

38. Mel Clark.

Movie or TV Show: Angels in the Outfield.
Pros: He has angels adding about 25 mph to his fastball. He’s Tony Danza!
Cons: Angels can’t help him in the playoffs. He’s also dying.

37. Thornton Mellon.

Orion Pictures / wordpress.com

Movie or TV Show: Back to School.
Pros: Incredibly wealthy. He has enough money to pay Kurt Vonnegut to write his English papers. He throws great parties and is the only known diver to complete the “Triple Lindy.”
Cons: Old. Wildcard. Commitment issues.

36. Nigel Gruff.

Movie or TV Show: The Replacements.
Pros: Known as “The Leg” for his ability to kick a soccer ball from one side of the field to the other. Clutch under pressure. Wiry.
Cons: Pick a vice. He’s a drinker, smoker and degenerate gambler. Gruff also owes money to the mob, which always makes point-shaving a possibility.

35. Jim Bowers.

Movie or TV Show: Little Big League.
Pros: Has a pump on his glove. Very effective at using bubble gum. Good at middle school math. Locker room guy. Prankster.
Cons: Below-average relief pitcher.

34. Air Bud.


Movie or TV Show: Air Bud.
Pros: Broke the infamous dog barrier in sports. Almost always the most athletic player on the team. Relatively unfazed by the spotlight. Loyal to his owner.
Cons: Brings a lot of baggage and unwanted media attention. Very full of himself. Rarely at practice due to his incredibly busy schedule. Spreads himself a little thin with his extracurricular activities.

33. Icebox.

Movie or TV Show: Little Giants.
Pros: Toughest kid in the neighborhood. Her uncle won the Heisman Trophy so football is in her blood. Field general. Plays with a chip on her shoulder.
Cons: Going through a bit of an identity crisis and doesn’t know if she wants to be a football player or a cheerleader.

32. Ryan Dunne.

Movie or TV Show: Summer Catch.
Pros: Hard-throwing lefty. Tough. Local kid with a world of talent.
Cons: Stubborn. Bad temper. Inferiority complex.

31. Rod Tidwell.

Movie or TV Show: Jerry McGuire.
Pros: One of the toughest and most underrated receivers in the league. Leads the team in receptions. Basically a fictional Wes Welker. Great family man.
Cons: Terrible attitude at times (but has made strides recently). Inflated opinion of own worth.

30. Daniel Bateman.

Movie or TV Show: The Replacements.
Pros: Complete psychopath. Ball hawk. Maniac.
Cons: A little overzealous at times. Doesn’t really know the rules. Extremely likely to maim his own teammate.

29. Delia Graci.

Movie or TV Show: Alley Cats Strike.
Pros: Seven-ten split in the last frame to win the Mighty Apple trophy? No problem.
Cons: We’re not entirely sure she actually knows how to bowl.

28. Dave Stoller.

20th Century Fox / sidgiffel.com

Movie or TV Show: Breaking Away.
Pros: Obsessed with the culture of competitive cycling and very good at it — on par with Italian professionals. Gritty. Plays hurt.
Cons: Easily disillusioned. Idealistic.

27. Bill Murray.

Warner Brothers.

Movie or TV Show: Space Jam.
Pros: Bill Fucking Murray.
Cons: He doesn’t play defense.

26. Steve Nebraska.

Movie or TV Show: The Scout.
Pros: Hits home runs at every at bat and throws well over 100 mph. His MLB debut was Game 1 of the World Series, where he threw a perfect game of 27 strikeouts without missing the strike zone once. He also hit two solo home runs.
Cons: Daddy issues. Lots of daddy issues.

25. Jamal Wallace.

Columbia Pictures / wordpress.com

Movie or TV Show: Finding Forrester.
Pros: Fierce competitor. Great slasher who can score in bunches. Enjoys reading and writing in his free time. Once his 50 straight free throws. Is the man now, dawg.
Cons: Missed two free throws on purpose to lose the city championship simply to give his English teacher the middle finger — clear problem with authority.

24. Bobby Boucher.

Movie or TV Show: The Waterboy.
Pros: Plays with a lot of anger and intensity. Virtually unblockable.
Cons: Low football IQ. Low everything IQ.

23. Roy Hobbs.

Movie or TV Show: The Natural.
Pros: Probably the best baseball player the world has ever seen.
Cons: Old. Bullet wound hinders his durability. Doesn’t play well when there’s a woman on his mind. Mysterious.

22. Ed.

Movie or TV Show: Ed.
Pros: Gold glove at the hot corner. Cannon for an arm. Great wingman. Helped Joey from Friends find the strike zone again.
Cons: He’s a chimpanzee. Often the subject of trade rumors.

21. Torrance Shipman.

Movie or TV Show: Bring It On.
Pros: Team leader. Not afraid to fight for what she believes in.
Cons: Satisfied with coming in second place.

20. Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Movie or TV Show: He Got Game.
Pros: Best high school basketball prospect in the country. Tough. Raised his younger sister on his own while his father was in jail for accidentally killing his mother.
Cons: Susceptible to temptation.

19. Ricky Vaughn.

Movie or TV Show: Major League.
Pros: Fastball approaching triple digits.
Cons: Eyesight. Ex-con. Control issues.

18. Kit Keller.

Movie or TV Show: A League of Their Own.
Pros: Has the biggest chip on her shoulder in sports movie history. Begged her way into a tryout. Ace pitcher. Will do whatever it takes to win. Every synonym for gritty.
Cons: Complains a lot.

17. Everyone from Team Pup ‘N Suds.

Disney / tumblr.com

Movie or TV Show: Brink.
Pros: Soul skaters. Genuine. Skate for the love of the sport. Not looking for a paycheck (except Brink who was just trying to support his family and then came to his senses).
Cons: Brink’s terrible understanding of his family’s finances.

16. Willie Beamon.

Movie or TV Show: Any Given Sunday.
Pros: Exceptional athletic ability. Amazing improvisational skills at quarterback. Exciting.
Cons: Calls his own plays. Exponentially increasing ego.

15. Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez.

Movie or TV Show: The Sandlot.
Pros: Fastest kid in the neighborhood. Can place the baseball anywhere he wants on the field. Transformed a kid who has never played baseball before into a decent player in about a week.
Cons: Hallucinates about meeting Babe Ruth. Has a death wish as evidenced by trying to pickle the Beast. PF Flyers might be the source of all his power.

14. Goose.

Paramount Pictures / slog.thestranger.com

Movie or TV Show: Top Gun.
Pros: The ultimate wing man — literally. Wears a shirt in the beach volleyball scene to make sure Maverick gets all the ladies’ attention. He”ll always be there for you. (Okay, not ALWAYS.)
Cons: Malfunctioning ejection seats.

13. The Bash Brothers.

Disney / tumblr.com

Movie or TV Show: The Mighty Ducks.
Pros: Enforcers who will keep you safe. No one is going to try any funny business when they’re on the ice.
Cons: Homesickness. Skating.

12. The Hanson Brothers.

Universal Pictures / thestar.com

Movie or TV Show: Slap Shot.
Pros: Tough. Love to fight. Great enforcers. Entertaining. Sell tickets.
Cons: Playing hockey. Eyesight.

11. Dottie Hinson.

Movie or TV Show: A League Of Their Own.
Pros: Pretty and tough. The backbone of the Rockford Peaches and essentially the Babe Ruth of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
Cons: Cares about raising a family more than baseball. Not sure whether or not you can depend on her. Can’t take a hit.

10. Lou Collins.

Columbia Pictures

Movie or TV Show: Little Big League.
Pros: Consistent sweet-swinging lefty. Gold glover at first base and the toughest out in the middle of the order. He’s a better Todd Helton. Just an all-around great dude.
Cons: His fiancé’s kid is his boss. Only has warning-track power.

9. Peter La Fleur.

Movie or TV Show: Dodgeball.
Pros: Confident. Great leader. Has the ability to see the bright side of most situations. People really respond to him.
Cons: Too-cool-for-school mentality. Lacks ambition. Susceptible to bribes.

8. Shane Falco

Movie or TV Show: The Replacements.
Pros: Great leader. Can get the most out of a bad situation. Hair.
Cons: His Sugar Bowl performance. Lacks confidence.

7. Jake Taylor

Movie or TV Show: Major League.
Pros: Born leader. Former all-star. Will “cut your nuts off and shove them down your fucking throat” if you don’t give 110 percent.
Cons: Knees. Women. Alcohol.

6. Doug Glatt.

Alliance Pictures / media.theiapolis.com

Movie or TV Show: Goon.
Pros: Can’t feel pain. Toughest human that has ever lived. Proud to bleed for his team.
Cons: Playing hockey.

5. Crash Davis.

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Why “Bring It On” Is The Best Movie In The Whole Wide World

1. Because it brings us back to a time when hairstyles had no limitations.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures


Also, what’s up, choker necklace.

2. When the one-strap backpack look was considered cool.

Universal Pictures

If you didn’t do this, don’t even talk to me.

3. And when everyone high-fived each other.

Universal Pictures

4. Whether it was to acknowledge an outstanding “LOSERsneeze.”

Universal Pictures

5. Or because you just told a guy to “malignant THIS” whilst grabbing your junk.

Universal Pictures

What a sick burn that was.

6. Because the soundtrack is great.

Universal Pictures

7. And makes you want to jump up on your bed and start dancing.

Universal Pictures

8. Or roll around on the floor and play the guitar.

Universal Pictures

9. Because the sexual undertones were plentiful.

Universal Pictures

Sparky Motherfucking Polastri.

10. And actually kind of raunchy.

Universal Pictures

11. I mean, just look at how she washes this car antenna.

Universal Pictures

12. And how erotic this stretching scene is.

Universal Pictures

(Look at the background.)

13. And this is most definitely a lap dance.

Universal Pictures

(OK, she’s not technically in his lap, but you get the idea.)

14. But when you really strip it down, you realize it’s actually full of great life lessons.

Universal Pictures

15. Like if you want something, you have to take it.

Universal Pictures

16. And that sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Universal Pictures

17. Because it’s not about luck.

Universal Pictures

Or a curse.

18. It’s about hard work.

Universal Pictures

Shout out to the training montage!

19. And owning the moment.

Universal Pictures

20. And when that moment comes, you better bring it.

Universal Pictures

21. But it also taught us that it’s OK to be different.

Universal Pictures

22. And that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Universal Pictures

23. Because when everyone’s doing the same thing…

Universal Pictures

24. …something different is usually the way to go.

Universal Pictures

25. Plus it taught us what a “Wolf Wall” is.

Universal Pictures

It is apparently this.

26. And that an adult-sized swing set is real.

Universal Pictures

And still on my list of things I need.

27. But more importantly, it introduced us to “spirit fingers.”

Universal Pictures

28. Daytime talk show host Pauletta.

Universal Pictures

29. Cliff Pantone, the thinking man’s rocker.

Universal Pictures

30. And dat ass.

Universal Pictures

31. And if you don’t agree with me, I don’t care.

Universal Pictures

“La Freeeeeed”

32. In fact, that’s all right, that’s OK…

Universal Pictures

33. Because I’m the cheertator and I’m overruling you.

Universal Pictures

34. Bitch.

Universal Pictures

Mother And 4-Year-Old Daughter Take Adorable Pictures Of Their Impressive Yoga Poses

New-Jersey-based yoga practitioner and mother of two Laura Kasperzak has taken to doing yoga together with her 4-year-old daughter Mini and snapping cute photos. It didn’t take her long to realize that her 4-year-old daughter Mini is extremely fond of doing yoga, and the Internet went nuts – they already have 725,000 followers on Instagram. [Read more…]

Kasperzak has been practicing yoga for 17 years and has also been teaching classes and workshops in New Jersey. However, her passion for this Eastern meditation and training practice peaked after the births of her two children, who also found yoga interesting. Because Mini’s older brother is too shy to pose before the camera, she is more than happy to soak up the limelight.

These amusing and inspiring photos show that exercise can be fun. The sooner one introduces their kids to a healthy lifestyle in a fun way, the better.

Source: Instagram | twofitmoms.com (via)

Alex Baldwin’s wife Hilaria and their baby daughter Carmen also take part in a growing “Mommy and Me” yoga-selfie movement: